About me

I have over 20 years experience working in technical, management and leadership roles around IT and Engineering as well as over 10 years working as a mentor and coach. I am currently working towards my ILM7 qualification in executive coaching and mentoring.

Why work with me?

I am passionate about realising your potential - I see so many people who are not realising their potential, either through not understand their skills or how to use them effectively or though lack of confidence or understanding of how they are perceived. In many cases, allowing them to explore their personalty, skills or style in new ways can unlock life or work pathways that were previously unknown.

I am experienced - My background is in the engineering and tech sector, but I have worked with a wide range of leaders, managers and clients across all disciplines. I have acted as mentor and coach on a number of programs and have worked with all levels and types of people from senior leaders to music performers.

I am qualified - I have a BSc in Computing and MSc in Project Management. I have a Leader as Coach qualification and am currently studying towards my ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching, to be awarded in April 2018.